New Piano Sheet Music!

Attempt #3 at the LDS 2018 Mutual Theme!

New music for the 2018 LDS Mutual Theme!

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"Hi! I've added a new recording to listen to. Hopefully it helps! This is certainly not a difficult, but very fun song to sing!" ~ Lindy Kerby (Dare to do Right)

"Is there any way to listen to this? I am a stake choir director and don't play the piano well and don't like to do music that I don't know how it sounds first. Is there any way to listen to it?" ~ Jeanine Eliason (Dare to do Right)

"I love your music. Thank you for sharing your gifts. I have used this song several times and since our wards have been combined, I am using it again. " ~ Linda Brown (I Will Praise Thee)

"I was reading Mark 9:2-9 while seated at the piano, hoping for inspiration for a piano solo this Sunday, which will be Transfiguration Sunday at the church where I play. I looked up, and the copy of "In A Special Place" was on the top of my piano. I had printed it a little while back, but hadn't really worked with it. It was nice, but not "Special"... Until this moment... I started playing it, and my heart swelled, thinking of the Disciples whom Jesus took up with Him on the mountain, and what a special place it must have been for them! Then my eyes teared up as the music continued, reminding me of the Temple and what a special place that is for those of us who have been blessed with that experience!Thank you, Lindy! I have a renewal in my heart and a very special piece for Sunday. Even though my church isn't LDS, they respect that I am, and serving them with music also gives me the opportunity to share my testimony. ❤️" ~ Sylvia Hewett Schneider (In a Special Place)

"I am wanting to sing this song with my church choir for Easter, but I'm unable to listen to the vocal parts using the link you provided! I'm just wondering if you know of another way I can download the vocals so that we can practice with them? " ~ Talia Floritto (I Stand All Amazed)

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